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Some doctors told Primo Spears that he would never play again after a devastating injury. Hear how Dr. Kevin Burton made sure that was not the case. After 3 surgeries and months of rehabilitation, Primo has led his team to a CCC championship with 41 points and is being actively recruited by colleges.

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On Friday, February 22, OAH had our official grand opening celebration. Although we have been up and running since the new year, this was our chance to celebrate the tremendous hard work and dedication that went into opening the nation’s most innovative surgical center.

Hundreds of guests were there to hear from our executive team, our lead physician project managers, and government officials.

Below are some excerpts from the speeches:

Dr. Pietro Memmo

When my partner Dr. Caputo and I were given the privilege of overseeing the construction of this magnificent building by our partners, we had three equal goals in mind: we wanted to design and construct a surgical center where patients would choose to come, doctors would want to operate, and staff would want to work.

First, we built this center for our patients.

We wanted it to be a destination where they will want to come to have their surgery. Beyond those doors, you will soon see 29 private pre-operative and post-operative bays with high ceilings and bright natural light, and most importantly, an attentive, knowledgeable, and caring medical staff and nurses who are the “soul” of this center. There is a café and lounge for our patients and their loved ones. Instead of a red and white banister, you will be greeted by the magnificent artwork of Kim Zimmermann, using actual orthopedic implants.

Second, we built this center for our doctors.

We want this to be an institute where they will want to operate. No longer are we using horsehair stitches or implants made of rubber balls and platinum rings, requiring a 6-month hospital stay. Instead, we will be using the most innovative, state-of-the-art equipment and will have our patients home with their loved ones within hours.

Beyond those doors, you will soon see a procedure room and 7 operating rooms, each measuring over 650 square feet, with 75-inch monitors and floating screens; operating rooms are equipped with HD video and audio streaming for educational and training purposes. There is wireless integration of data, images, and video with Electronic Medical Records. We will be using robotics to perform spine surgery and joint replacements; CT imaging to customize the precise placement of titanium implants in our patients; and the most advanced anesthesia techniques to minimize the use of narcotics and allow our patients to start walking and do physical therapy directly in the recovery area in order to be discharged within hours after a joint replacement. We plan on making this institute a center of excellence, where we intend to publish our stellar surgical outcomes, with high patient satisfaction rates and infection rates that are near zero.

Lastly, we built this center for our medical staff.

We want it to be a place where they will want to come and work. Our medical staff and nurses are the soul of this center. Without them, we would simply be just another building. They bring with them 15+ years of experience, with compassion and kindness that cannot be measured.

Dr. Andrew Caputo

Last month, Tom and I were looking back to find an email about a design issue and, to our surprise, found it from March of 2017! Two years! It has been a long time coming, and I’m so proud to have been working with this dedicated and committed design team—thank you!

Since our days in the JB4 outpatient OR at Hartford Hospital, we progressively have seen the trend and benefits of moving more and more orthopedic procedures to the outpatient setting. This is still actively progressing, locally and nationally, and especially in the areas of total joint replacement and spine. In the effort to serve these needs of our growing orthopedic population, we believe our surgery center expands the opportunity for this growth.

Given our 15-year experience with our outpatient surgery center, our design team collectively brought together ideas from our OR staff, nursing staff, and doctors to create an ideal setting for patients. Over the last two years and more, our design team collected ideas from all of these care providers.

We pooled these ideas, from concept to reality, to create this place to optimally care for ambulatory orthopedic patients.

Thank you to all the OASC staff, not only for helping create this place, and not just to move it across town in only one week, but to help move it into the future. It truly is a unique, special place and sets a standard for orthopedic care. Thank you!

The ribbon is officially cut by OAH members and the incredible steering committee team that includes: Dr. Pietro Memmo, Dr. Andrew Caputo, Paula Chenail, Tom Acampora, Kris Mineau, and Andrea Murrah. Also pictured are executive team members Tim Taylor and Dr. Gordon Zimmermann.

Jenny Manley honors her mother, artist Kim Zimmermann, who created the masterpiece on the stone wall and artwork throughout the center.

State Representative Tom Delnicki presents Drs. Memmo and Caputo with a proclamation from the State of Connecticut.

Local politicians including State Representative Tom Delnicki and CT State Senator Matthew Lesser were proud to celebrate the grand opening.

OAH doctors Caputo, Memmo and Zimmerman are joined by Jeffrey Flaks, President and COO of Hartford Healthcare, and Bimal Patel, SVP and President of Hartford Region of Hartford Healthcare.

Guests were treated to tours of the state-of-the-art operating rooms.

The OAH team is thrilled to be in our new Rocky Hill location at 150 Enterprise Drive. It is so much larger than our former site, it is bathed in natural light, and every detail is designed to enhance patient comfort and safety.

Below are some pictures from our first few days. Thank you to the amazing OAH team who has worked so hard to get this new site up and running.

  • Dr. Pietro Memmo is one of the partners and co-project managers of the new surgical center along with Dr. Andrew Caputo. After being involved in all stages from conception through opening the doors, Dr. Memmo is proud to be part of one of the most innovative surgery centers in the nation. He stands in front of beautiful new work of art designed by Kim Zimmermann.
  • Our nursing hub is right in the center and has the most advanced methods of communication so they can monitor patients at every moment. Two or more nurses are assigned to each patient.
  • Tom Acampora, the administrator who oversees business aspects and coordination shares, “The opening has gone very smoothly. It is wonderful to witness our doctors and staff as they are so excited to work in the new site.”
  • Staff have been attending training sessions in our comfortable new staff lounge. The site was designed to be a place where staff would want to come to work each day.
  • Our extremely large operating rooms have the latest robotic systems, tools, and imaging available. There is room for doctors and staff to comfortably navigate. Pressurized rooms ensure that only clean air circulates and maximizes sterility.
  • Our beautiful lobby allows families to comfortably wait. A monitor informs them of the patient’s progress at every step.
  • A large and comfortable physical therapy center is conveniently located on lower level. Physical therapists can come to surgical floor to begin therapy post-surgery.

  • Ricky in sterilization demonstrates the state-of-the-art autoclave system. The layout of the rooms, the procedures in place, and most advanced sterilization technology on the market ensures that infection rates will be close to zero.
  • One of our receptionists, Gayle, greets patients. When asked her favorite aspect of the new center, she says “I love the openness and spaciousness. It is so employee and patient friendly. The doctors did a great job designing it and it gives us a lot of promise to grow.”

Dr. Gordon Zimmermann stands with our first MAKOPLASTY patient at our new Rocky Hill Surgery Center. MAKO is a partial knee replacement that can almost always be done on an outpatient basis without the need for hospitalization. This results in a much shorter recovery time with less pain and greatly increased patient satisfaction.

See below to learn about MAKO and if it is right for you.

Do I Really Need A Full Knee Replacement or Will a Partial Do?
By Gordon A. Zimmermann, MD

Total joint replacements are becoming more and more frequent with our aging population. Presently over one million hip and knee replacements are done annually in the US. Of this total, 700,000 are knee replacements with a projection of 3.5 million knee replacements by 2030. Despite very good final outcomes knee replacement has a deserved reputation as being a painful procedure with many months of recovery. Improved anesthetic blocks with longer acting medications and improved perioperative pain management have made a significant difference but unfortunately not enough. Patients frequently ask us about whether there is a better surgical alternative and for as many as 50% of patients a partial knee replacement offers many major advantages. With state of the art advanced robotic assistance partial knee replacements are much more precise regards sizing, fit and balancing. Neither partial knee replacement nor robotics are anything new. We have done partial knee replacements manually for years but the results and the longevity were not as good as total knee replacements until recently. Today even with manual techniques the retention of implants have been 98%, 95% and 93% at ten, fifteen and twenty years. The first ten year report on the robotic MAKO platform shows over 98 percent retention. MAKO is the number one robotic platform in the industry. The major advantages to you as patients are as follows:

  • The procedure can almost always be done as an outpatient without need for hospitalization.
  • The recovery is measured in weeks not months.
  • The pain is much less.
  • The final range of motion is better.
  • The incision is smaller.
  • Patient satisfaction is much higher.

So why have a painful in-hospital procedure with months of recovery if it is not necessary? Call and schedule an appointment with one of our MAKO trained surgeons and see if you are candidate. You can learn more about robotic partial knee replacement at

On January 7th, we are excited to open our new state-of-the-art surgery center and medical office building in Rocky Hill. In order to prepare for our grand opening, we will be closing our existing Rocky Hill location (1111 Cromwell Ave) from December 31-January 4.

Please note:

  • The Rocky Hill telephone number will remain the same: (860) 529-0295
  • The new location is 150 Enterprise Drive
    • The first left off of 150 Enterprise drive is for the Surgery Center
    • The second entrance takes you to the back of the building to our medical offices and physical therapy

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Click here to learn what makes the new center the best in the state.

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