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Exceeding Patient Expectations at Our Rocky Hill Surgery Center

We place extraordinary emphasis on patient satisfaction. That is why we survey our surgery center patients so we can continually deliver the most outstanding care possible. From the moment patients walk in the door to the time they leave, we strive to provide superior care at each point in the process.

Hear what our patients recently have to share:

  • I think you have a world class facility and staff. The location is easy to access. The building is easy to access. The interior is modern, comfortable and clean. The staff is caring and courteous. Finally the results were perfection. Who could ask for more?!  Dr Burton was exceptional, both in skill and demeanor.
  • Spacious, easy to get to off the highway, clean, modern, state of art.
  • I felt like I was treated as a person and not a number. Everything was very personalized.
  • I can’t say enough about the expert care.
  • Wonderful nursing staff – exceptional caring atmosphere.
  • Close to my home. Comfortable waiting area for family/relatives. Easy parking. Quiet and clean. Staff are friendly, polite and helpful.
  • The nursing staff was amazing! The facility was very clean, welcoming, and comforting.
  • Updated class act facility with the technology and intelligent top notch professionals. 
  • They manage to be highly efficient and professional while still being warm and caring. It seems that everyone who works there takes ownership of patient care, whether they are specifically assigned to you or not. Every person who walked past me while I was waiting for surgery asked if I was warm enough, did I need a blanket or anything? While no one wants to have surgery, your center certainly makes it as pleasant an experience as possible. Many thanks to the staff for your efforts.
  • Everything looked new and very clean.
  • Extremely efficient.
  • It is a very comfortable facility and relaxing. Much better than a hospital waiting and recovery center. 
  • Modern, clean and beautiful.
  • I counted 22 people in direct contact during my stay. I am very grateful!
  • Fabulous care from start to finish.
  • The staff was friendly and accommodating. I felt comfortable and well cared for.
  • The process worked like clockwork. The facility was in excellent condition –  very comfortable and clean.  
  • Facility was new and very clean.  
  • Cleanliness, convenience, thoughtful and considerate care.
  • Very organized and staff is very professional yet friendly .
  • Very nice facility. Clean and the people were great.  
  • Clean, spacious, friendly and helpful staff and nurses.
  • Well organized /good care and clean.
  • This new facility is outstanding
  • Appreciated the warm blanket while waiting.
  • Excellent service and spotless.  
  • Very clean very well-organized very professional.
  • It’s a Beautiful Facility!
  • Dr. Memmo and his staff are always great. Courteous, friendly and caring.  
  • All of our family experiences with OASC has been of the highest quality and standards; the surgical and nursing staff have always been of the highest caliber.  
  • State-of-the-art facility easy to get to and very organized.
  • Clean and spacious.
  • Beautiful, clean, amazing staff.  
  • Overall, this was an excellent experience. I actually noticed and liked the uniform appearance of the staff (i.e., everyone wearing the same comforting blue uniform.)
  • Conveniently located.
  • This was the first real surgery I’ve ever had, so I was nervous about what to expect. I was far more comfortable and able to handle the procedure as a result of the staff and the facility.
  • I was very pleased with Dr. Nagarkatti’s explanation of his surgical repair actions. I now have the confidence that I will be functional at my highest level possible.
  • The staff in every area took the time to focus only on me for that brief time period of interaction. And immediately addressed any questions or requests. They clearly informed me about who they were, and what they would be doing to get me ready for surgery. I never felt rushed. Best of all. – they helped to lower my ANXIETY level! Even the OR staff who walked me into the room and had me get onto the table. It was relaxed, but also efficient with no delays in getting the case started. I know they were skilled at managing my personality. It must have been  less than one minute from when I entered the OR until it was lights out for me. Best OR experience I have ever had.
  • Since I can evaluate a surgical facility because of my career in hospital administration, I can unequivocally state that the Rocky Hill OAH OP Surgery Center is at the top echelon of its class! From the moment I walked in the front entry, to the other stages of caring, I could recognize the extent of clinical expertise that went into the functional design of the facility. But great architecture does not necessarily make a great clinical service. Fortunately, the clinical delivery was at the highest level in matching the work environment. It was finally confirmed once I entered the OR and observed the latest technology assembled. I felt at home like I was back in the Mayo Clinic and Hartford Hospital. Very reassuring!
  • Outstanding Nursing Staff!
  • The service was outstanding thank you all god bless you all.
  • Excellent communication from anesthesia team. They explained every step in detail as to what to expect pre and post op.
  • Excellent care and very attentive
  • Excellent, professional, knowledgeable staff. Very efficient scheduling (in by 6 am and home by 10 am).
  • Everyone exceeded my expectations and beyond. I know high quality when I experience it. I will be your advocate whenever I encounter my friends in this region. I will definitely share my experience and refer them to the OAH surgeons, and the Rocky Hill OPS facility. Thank you so much for taking great care of me. Most appreciated.


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