Bone Care & Joint Replacement

OAH is proud to partner with two outstanding institutes specializing in bone care and joint replacement. Our physicians are founding members of these institutions and lead and deliver superior care at these renowned medical facilities.

 Bone & Joint Institute

Hartford Hospital’s Bone & Joint Institute

The first total hip replacement in Connecticut was performed at Hartford Hospital in the early 1970’s by Dr. Herbert Pasternak, a past member of Orthopedic Associates of Hartford (OAH). From that moment on, Hartford Hospital, in conjunction with OAH physicians, has remained a regional leader in joint replacement surgery and innovation.

OAH plays an integral role at Hartford Hospital’s Bone & Joint Institute (BJI), which is Connecticut’s first and only orthopedic hospital. The world class Bone & Joint Institute and ambulatory surgical center opened in January of 2017 to create a state-of-the-art center fully dedicated to providing outstanding diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

The Institute integrates all elements of orthopedics and musculoskeletal treatment, including specialty care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, rheumatology, neurology, neurosurgery, and pain management. An OAH physician serves as Physician in Chief and our surgeons deliver outstanding diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for patients experiencing a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Some of the outstanding new features of BJI include:

  • Most innovative treatment options: A motion analysis lab that detects small movement issues before they become bigger problems; zero gravity treadmills that take the pressure off patients as they recover; and a car transfer simulator that helps patients feel confident that they can get around after surgery.
  • Super-specialized surgery: Operating rooms specifically outfitted for different procedures with space for the latest robotic surgical equipment and cutting-edge audio-visual technology that allows surgeons to collaborate across the hospital…or the country.
  • A premier patient experience: Patients feel like guests in one of the 48 large private rooms with views, showers, and room for family to spend the night. You can even order on-demand meals and other services with your own personal table.
  • Ongoing education: We are there for our patients from initial consultation to final rehab appointment. Prior to surgery, we provide pre-operative education classes and seminars which allow patients and family members to learn about treatment options, anesthetic protocols, new technologies, and rehabilitation pathways and to meet our physicians and care providers in a more relaxed setting. Post-surgery, we work with our patients through recovery and rehabilitation until they are fully back on their feet.

Drs. Benthien, Burns, Burton, Caputo, Carangelo, Judson, Lena, Lewis, Miranda, Mazzara, Nagarkatti, Shekhman, Sullivan, Ware and Zimmermann all perform joint replacement surgery at Hartford Hospital.

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Joint Replacement Institute

The Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute (CJRI) at St. Francis Hospital

The Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute (CJRI) opened in July of 2007. It exemplifies the vision of a group of surgeons from Orthopedic Associates of Hartford to create a first class destination center for Total Joint Replacement Surgery.

CJRI is a state-of-the-art facility located in the J.T. O’Connell Tower at St. Francis Hospital and offers the latest technology and services for patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery. It functions as a “hospital within a hospital,” providing patients with specialized medicine, a dedicated staff, and premier service, including 66 private inpatient rooms for a more comfortable stay.

CJRI is one of the largest joint replacement centers in Connecticut with approximately 2,500 procedures performed each year.

  • The comprehensive pre-assessment surgical screening center (PASS) confirms that all medical issues have been identified and addressed prior to surgery to ensure patient safety.
  • Pre-operative education classes are also available to help familiarize our patients and their families with CJRI, to inform them of what to anticipate in regard to their care, and to answer any questions they might have.
  • All post-operative care, including inpatient physical therapy, is tightly integrated and coordinated by CJRI to optimize efficient patient recovery.

OAH serves at the helm of CJRI. Our management and surgical teams have enabled CJRI to become leaders in total knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgery, as well as other surgical and non-surgical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of the joints. CJRI is nationally recognized as a “top five” hospital in the nation for total hip and knee replacements. It is consistently rated #1 in Connecticut for joint replacement outcomes and is nationally recognized for medical excellence, patient safety, and low complication rates.

Drs. Carangelo, Grady-Benson, Mazzara, Schutzer, and Shekhman perform joint replacement procedures at the CJRI.