Physical Therapy Exercises

We are committed to helping people stay active and as pain-free as possible. Our physical therapists, in collaboration with our physicians, have put together information to guide you on exercises to alleviate pain, strengthen core areas, and keep you active. It is important to discuss your exercise plan with your provider before initiating any exercises.

Written Instructions with Pictures

Video Demonstrations of Exercises

Below are a series of videos in which Dr. Christopher Lena and Physical Therapy Site Director Ryan Campbell demonstrate some common physical therapy stretches. Many of these can be done in the comfort of your home. Some exercises may require equipment such as a foam roller or ball.

Introduction to Physical Therapy

Hip and Lower Extremities

Stretching the Hamstring

Stretching Joints for Flexibility

Stretching lower extremities with foam roller

Strengthening exercises for hip and low back

Strengthening exercises for hip and core

Stability exercises with the ball

Wall Sits

Exercises for rotator cuff core and hip

Stretches for shoulders and upper chest