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Dr. Cameron Kia is an orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in both operative and nonoperative spinal disorders. He has clinical expertise in both complex and minimally invasive spine surgery, including disc replacement and motion preservation of the spine. He is one of the few surgeons implementing cutting-edge technology including augmented reality, endoscopic, minimally invasive tubular surgery, and robotic techniques.

Dr. Kia was born and raised in New England, graduating as a University Scholar from the University of Connecticut. He continued his training here, completing his medical school and orthopedic surgery at the University of Connecticut. While there, he was chosen as the Neag Research Fellow, publishing over 50 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded multiple grants in basic science and clinical research. Following residency, he completed his spine fellowship at Rush University Medical Center, training under pioneers of minimally invasive spine surgery, in addition to performing complex adult and pediatric deformity.

During Dr. Kia’s training, he was honored with several awards. At the completion of his residency, he was presented with the Cavazos Award for Most Outstanding Resident. The following year he was awarded the Golden Apple Fellow of the Year at Rush University, given to only one fellow between all specialties. He is excited to return to New England and care for patients in the greater Hartford area.


Undergraduate:University of Connecticut
Medical School:University of Connecticut
Residency:University of Connecticut
Fellowship:Rush University Medical Center

Curriculum Vitae

Hospital Affiliations

Hartford Surgery Center

Hartford Hospital Bone and Joint Institute

Orthopedic Associates Surgery Center


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Cameron Kia

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