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Restoring the Quality of Your Life

Our surgeons make a difference every day in the lives of our patients. We love to hear stories of how patients were dramatically helped so they could live a pain-free or more active life. Here are a few recent stories that patients posted on-line. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Dr. Burton is an incredibly talented surgeon with great interpersonal skills with his patients. I suffered a serious injury to my arm at the elbow that threatened my ability to regain my musical skills. Dr. Burton was clear in assessing the damage and making a professional recommendation for surgery in light of my concerns. The entire experience of pre and post-surgery was 110% positive and I have made a total recovery with a full range of motion, equal to my good arm. Those who witnessed my injury are in awe of how I am now, 3 months later. I am indebted to Dr. Burton and his staff and highly recommend him to those that need his services.

From the very first appointment, through surgery and the post-op visit, I never stopped being impressed. Dr. Judson and the entire staff are kind, understanding, and extremely professional. I can’t thank them enough! Much gratitude goes out to everyone!! 

I had a hip replaced by Dr. Witmer. I found him friendly, very patient, and very concerned that I understood all ramifications of the surgery. I am 3 months post-surgery now. He gave me my active lifestyle back and I am forever grateful.

I firmly believe that Dr. Witmer saved my life. It is true that he eliminated the excruciating and relentless pain that I was suffering from but he did more than that. I was not the best candidate for hip replacement. Many surgeons may have rejected me for surgery. Instead, Dr. Witmer patiently guided and monitored my progress until I was physically prepared for the operation. Dr. Witmer chose to help me in spite of the risk to his overall success rate. Had Dr. Witmer not helped me when he did, I believe my hip and my overall health, would have rapidly declined. I would have become wheelchair-bound for the remainder of my life. Instead, I am able to walk.  

I had an anterior total right hip replacement with Dr. Shekhman in September and was playing golf eight weeks later. I can’t say enough about the quality of the surgery, quick recovery, and physician follow-up.  

If you suffer from pain or want to live a more active life, call us today. We will match you with the right specialist and help you get on the path to recovery.


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