Striving to Improve the Quality of Life for Those Affected by Anterior Knee Problems

Dr. John Fulkerson is the Founder and President of The Patellofemoral Foundation. The Patellofemoral Foundation’s mission is to improve the care of individuals with anterior knee problems through targeted education and research. Orthopedic Associates of Hartford is proud to support this organization and its efforts to bring about positive change in education, diagnosis, and treatment options for those suffering from knee problems.

The Patellofemoral Foundation is a non-profit organization supported solely by contributions from individuals and corporations. All funds are used to support research and educational efforts that help those who suffer from anterior knee pain and instability.

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Why The Patellofemoral Foundation Was Created 

Anterior Knee Pain is very common in the general population, creating chronic disability, limitation from participation in sports, lost time from work and generally diminished quality of life for many people of all ages. Clinicians noted that one third or more of all complaints at their sports medicine clinics were patellofemoral pain. Although these problems are common, many people with anterior knee pain never get relief. Too many never return to sports or work.


There has been some progress in the understanding of anterior knee pain. Anatomic and clinical studies have revealed sources of pain not previously recognized and opened the door to specific treatments of pain around the front of the knee. New radiologic techniques, particularly computerized tomography and MRI, have led to a greater understanding of the mechanical behavior of the patella.

The Challenge 

Despite these advances, many remain disabled and live with daily pain or discomfort. Criteria for proper treatment have been based largely on individual experience. Randomized control studies must be initiated in addition to broad-based research and education dedicated to patellofemoral disorders. There is a great need to refine the indications for anterior knee pain management and surgery, improve bracing and non-operative measures, standardize operative approaches, and develop an educational network that reaches well into the sports medicine and orthopedic communities.

The Patellofemoral Foundation Goals

The organization is focused on striving for solutions in the following areas:

Research: Fund and/or reward carefully selected scientific efforts that study the causes, prevention, and treatment of patellofemoral disorders. 

Education: Provide focused educational sports medicine meetings in various locations to educate health care professionals about prevention, proper care of patients & athletes with patellofemoral pain & instability.

Innovation: Find new and improved methods for treating patients and athletes with patellofemoral pain, emphasizing minimal intervention and non-surgical methods.

Awareness: Enhance awareness of patellofemoral problems, the prevalence of patellofemoral pain, and the impact on athletes, workers and the economy.

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