Tips for a Healthy Spine

Did you know the spine has over 120 muscles in it? With all those muscles, it’s easy to cause harm to your back. 

Spinal injuries can be caused by several different factors such as bad posture and lack of exercise. The spine is our body’s main support structure. It keeps us upright and connects different parts of our skeletal body in line with each other, such as our head, chest, shoulders, and more. With the spine connecting the brain to other parts of the body and providing structural support, we cannot live without it and need to maintain its health. 

“Posture is crucial to long-lasting orthopedic health. Good posture balances the skeletal system and reduces pressure on joints. Be mindful of your posture while doing everyday activities such as walking, sitting at a desk, or doing the dishes. Poor sitting and standing habits can cause strain on muscles and soft tissues leading to back pain,”  says Dr. Sean Esmende, Orthopedic Spine Specialist. 

If you have a job that involves a lot of sitting, take time to adjust your office chair and desk to make them ergonomically aligned to support your spine. It is also important to stretch and walk around every hour.

Stretch and Straighten the Back

Over 80% of Americans will suffer from spine and back pain in their life. Bad posture and lack of exercise can cause such pain. Simple tips to strengthen and straighten your spine include: 

Exercise regularly

  • Select low-impact sports and activities such as swimming or walking.
  • Stretch every day to reduce muscle tension in your spine.

Maintain Quality Posture

  • Practice good posture to balance out pressure on the joints and bones.
  • Avoid heavy bags, slouching, and high heels.
  • Use chairs designed to support your back and reduce pressure on your joints.

Take Your Vitamins

  • Include calcium and vitamin D-rich foods in your diet
  • Take doctor-recommended supplements if you aren’t following a healthy diet.

Physical Therapy You can do at Home:

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, our highly trained physical and occupational therapists have put together a list of exercises that you can do at home to bring yourself back to full health:






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