Improving Lives: Testimonials

Patient Testimonial- ACL injury in young female soccer player.

I can’t believe I lived in pain for so long until I met Dr. Burns. With my new hip I no longer have any pain. The process went smoothly and exactly as Dr. Burns described. He spent plenty of time with me, answered my questions, saw me right before surgery to review everything again and saw me in the hospital afterwards. The office is a relaxed atmosphere that comes from the doc. I have never found him condescending; perhaps others find an intelligent doctor intimidating, I find it reassuring.

Dr. Ware is awesome. He did my shoulder surgery. He is caring and has great bedside manner.  

Dr. Waskowitz is the best! I’m a high performing athlete my entire life with a drive and passion for skiing. He too is an avid skier. He has performed surgery on my knees. I can’t believe how good he is and how high the outcome is. This past surgery has to be his best yet. Post op miracle, no pain and 80% motion in 4 days. He has such a deep passion for his work. I can not only see it but can sense it. He’ s the guy if you want a true sports medicine surgeon. 

Dr. Shekhman is an amazing Doctor. I’ve had two injections of cortisone. The first one lasted almost a year. Just had another one. Will see, but hip is bone on bone this year. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have hip replacement after the holidays. Almost painless on the injection. He is so good. I recommend him highly. Staff is friendly and competent. I know people who have had hip and knee replacement done by him and they rave about the results. Explains options very clearly and well. Can’t go wrong with Dr. Shekhman!

Dr. Michael Miranda is very friendly. Excellent surgeon.  

Why would you waste your time in an ER when you have professionals at places like this!

Dr. Aronow is an excellent provider. I would definitely recommend him.  

After seeing two other knee surgeons, one of which recommended Dr. Fulkerson as one of the two top knee surgeons in the country who understands the total knee, Dr. Fulkerson replaced my son’s knee tendons and put his own spin on the procedure, attaching the donor tendons above the knee rather than under the kneecap for more stability. I would highly recommend Dr. Fulkerson. His office is run extremely efficiently and the follow up and care was excellent. 

Physician assistant Michael Zande was very thorough in explaining and showing cause of pain. Careful in suggesting options for relief. Very comfortable personality. Left feeling confident and well cared for! 

Dr. Nagarkatti changed my life! I had a knee replacement surgery nightmare from another doctor! My knee was a swollen, painful mess! Dr. Nagarkatti did a revision for me and it was like a miracle! He is kind, compassionate, brilliant and an amazing surgeon! His office employees are so helpful and efficient. Calls are always answered, and appointments are scheduled in such a manner that there is never a wait! Best doctor ever! 

I had my first visit with Dr. Burns yesterday due to hip pain. I was very impressed and pleased with the friendliness and efficiency of all the staff. As someone very familiar with the healthcare system, I am very aware that there can at times be long waits at a doctor’s office; however, for this visit everything was incredibly timely: check-in, X-rays, MD visit. Dr. Burns is a very high energy doctor, but he took the time to answer all my questions, explain things, and let me know what to expect during the course of a procedure so there were no surprises. I also left there with a plan if my procedure ends up not solving the problem. 

Dr. Waskowitz was amazing to me – he repaired my shoulder and now I’m almost at 100%. He and his team are the best, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!  

I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan for over five years. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable and to the point. All of my experiences have been pleasant and successful. I would definitely recommend him.  

There aren’t enough stars in the universe to rate this outstanding doctor. Dr. John Grady-Benson is not only an outstanding surgeon, but he is also very kind, caring, and compassionate towards his patients. I never experienced anything like this from any other doctor. Dr. Grady-Benson did a hip replacement two months ago, and I’m glad I waited several months for this doctor. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone in need of replacement surgery.  

Dr. Mark Shekhman did an anterior left hip replacement for me two weeks ago. I was up walking that evening. Dr. Shekhman and his staff were amazing. The best decision I have ever made, now being pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Shekhman!

I was very pleased with my surgery, outcome, and follow up. I had disc surgery on June 1st and felt that I was in good hands the entire time. Dr. Lange is knowledgeable and skilled.  

I had a Fulkerson osteotomy in May and my knee couldn’t be better! Thank you to Dr. Fulkerson and his wonderful staff! Class act all the way!  

I rarely do reviews, but I felt it necessary to relate my experiences with Dr. Lena. Dr. Lena and his PA, Jim Alvarez, are 2 of the most compassionate and educated doctors I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. 

Dr. Dugdale is very professional, knowledgeable, and conservative in his approach. I’m hopeful my physical therapy will do the trick, as his explanations for my injury made perfect sense. He came in already having read the paperwork I filled out. He examined me and was very caring of my concerns and questions.

I had Dr. Carangelo do a total knee replacement and the outcome was amazing. After dealing with pain for over 20 years, to not have any more pain was awesome. Thanks Dr C! 

Dr. Shekhman replaced my left hip two weeks ago. He walked me through the entire procedure, explaining everything in detail. Dr. Shekhman saw me in the recovery room after surgery to explain how things went, and also the following morning in my hospital room at Saint Francis. I just had my two-week follow up appointment, and all looks great. I would highly recommend Dr. Shekhman. He’s a wonderful doctor and surgeon. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. 

I saw Dr. Benthien and he did an outstanding job. My foot is totally healed, and my quality of life is better because he fixed me. He was excellent!  

Dr. Grady-Benson is very thorough in his explanations. Very personable.

I went to Dr. Rios as a second opinion because my first doctor was awful. Dr. Rios was attentive, on time, listened to my concerns, and explained everything to me. He set up a new cortisone shot in the shoulder ASAP. 5 stars!

My husband, my mother, and I have been patients of theirs on several occasions over the years. I have never had a bad experience with this group. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having broken leg bones, a torn rotator cuff, and am now scheduled for torn meniscus surgery. My previous two surgeries have gone off without a hitch, resulting in a complete recovery and absolutely no residual pain and I am no spring chicken! Dr. Lena saw my mother as a second opinion when she was having shoulder issues and instead of suggesting surgery, he advised her she could work through it with exercise. This was in direct opposition to her first doctor’s suggestion and she was indeed able to work through it with exercise. My husband has been in many times with knee problems and they have always gone with a conservative approach until it no longer became possible to treat him with non-surgical procedures.  

I would also like to say that as a PA, Jim is one of the best I have ever dealt with. He is extremely knowledgeable and always spends a long time explaining the dynamics of my injuries and what my options are. I find him very compassionate and willing to answer any questions I have. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and definitely takes the time to answer my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Lena and all those associated with him. 

Dr. Rios is very unique, in that he doesn’t rush you off to surgery at the first assessment. He is careful, and a conservative thinker through the diagnosis and treatment plan before he makes a decision. He’s doing everything he can to keep me out of surgery for a displaced clavicle fracture… I have total confidence in this doctor. I am an RN with 46 years of experience and feel that I am qualified to say that he is among the best!

Dr. Dugdale performed surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee about two weeks ago. He did a professional and satisfying job in all ways possible. It was a surprise and a pleasure to find such a caring and down to earth medical professional in this age in which we live. His office staff was also very caring and a pleasure to deal therewith. It was “not all about the money”…….it was about the patient first. Thank You to all involved.

Dr. Rios performed my ACL reconstruction. He spends time with me to address any questions or concerns I may have. He is attentive and careing and always puts me at ease. My recovery so far has been execellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Rios to anyone who needs knee surgery.

I am so grateful to Dr. Memmo and his staff. I was looking at disability benefits due to the debilitating pain I was having. I Was not able to work. I had 3 epidural injections for an extruded disc. I am now back to working full time and am happy to have my life back. Thank you.

Dr. Rios was great at diagnosing the extent of what was wrong with my shoulder, where another doctor had failed. Surgery went well and I have the utmost respect & confidence in him.

My 30 year old son was in a car accident. He went from doctor to doctor and found no relief. Five months after the accident he was in so pain he couldn’t walk and had to use a wheel chair. I called Dr. Becker’s office and told the staff (thru tears), the details of my sons condition. She had me bring him in two days later. He tried injections 3 times, physical therapy twice then had surgery. It’s almost three years since the accident and because of Dr. Becker and his wonderful caring staff, he is 95% better and is living an active full life. I am an extremely grateful and thankful. There is no other orthopedic doctor I would recommend.

Everything happened exactly as expected. Diagnosis was accurate, surgery went well and followup was available whenever needed. I saw Dr. Rios for a second opinion. The difference was apparent right from the start Dr. Rios is thorough, skilled, careful and efficient. I’m confident I will be back on the golf course next spring with no ill effects.

Dr. Waskowitz is the best ever! Very personal and gets the job done properly and gives many options . Very up to date with technique.

“I had knee surgery done by Dr. Zimmermann on May , 2015. The doctor & his staff were very good & made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Zimmermann & his great staff. “

Dr. Caputo is one of the best surgeons I’ve ever had.

Dr. Burns spent plenty of time with me, never felt rushed and was very pleasant, even a sense of humor during visit. Accurate diagnosis and treatment, no more knee pain! Thanks.

Dr. Fulkerson and team were wonderful! 1 year after surgery, couldn’t ask for better results.

Dr. Codispoti is an outstanding physician.

Doctor Mark Shekhman he did a total hip replacement and I have never receive such great care during surgery and beyond I feel fantastic thanks to him and the treatment he prescribe before and after the surgery the man is the best!

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Lena and his staff. I was in and out within an hour. I was diagnosed and treated. My arthritic knees are feeling better. I highly recommend Dr. Lena and his staff.

Dr. Memmo is excellent!

I would refer anyone to Dr Nagarkatti. I’ve had both hips and now a knee replaced by him and would say, he’s the best. Would never have gone back if I didn’t believe in him and his staff. They are all the best. Thank you Dr Nagarkatti.

My experience with Dr. Benthien and his P.A. Morgan was wonderful. I truly believe that they truly care about there patients. Even now that I’m no longer under their care, I received a call to check on my progress. I would highly recommend Dr. Benthien!

Dr. Burton is an absolutely astounding surgeon!!! I had a very challenging injury…..given his medical expertise he was able to attempt to fix it.

Dr. Christopher j. Lena Orthopedic, gave me back I would say, my right arm! I had Rotator Cuff and biceps surgery by him. I’m back enjoying my tennis and golf better than ever! Thank you so much Dr. Lena. Fabiola Bidwell

Awesome. With Dr. Memmo‘s help, I have my life back. He’s thoughtful, And compassionate. Thank you.

Excellent care provided by Dr Memmo. Friendly, very professional and competent. He answered all my questions thoroughly, and explained the diagnosis and treatment plans for my lower back problem very well. i could not be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you Dr Memmo!

OAH has the best orthopedic surgeons in Connecticut very caring I’m glad I have them on my team !!!!

Dr. Burns always spends time with me and never makes me feel rushed. Another ortho told me I needed knee replacement surgery but Dr. Burns found and alternative treatment that has worked very well so far (3 months). I am taking much less pain medication and am not in constant pain for the first time in many years. I trust Dr. Burns completely and am glad I found him.

Dr. Fulkerson excellent surgeon. Very thorough. Takes time to explain everything. Obvious talented at what he does. Excellent for knee and shoulder issues.

Dr. Steven Schutzer is a pleasant doctor and very personable. Did not rush me and gave me very informative information about my surgery which turned out very good

I had knee ligament reconstruction and I could not be any happier with the results. I was recommended to Dr. Fulkerson. Prior to seeing him, at the age of 21, my right patella had dislocated 4 times. Dr. Fulkerson was extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring and took the time to talk to me about all of my options during my visit to him (where we took scans and performed physical activity tests). The end action that I decided upon was to have reconstructive surgery on my knee. Come surgery day, he and his staff were wonderful and even more so following. Dr. Fulkerson came and visited me to check in when I was in the recovery room and to tell me the surgery went very well. I thought that was a very genuine thoughtful gesture and appreciated that very much (was still very loopy at this time, but much appreciated). I was fully prepared for the recovery (Even though it wasn’t pretty and I hope I never have to experience anything like that again, I was thankful Dr. Fulkerson and his team informed me of all I would need to know post-surgery. He and his team made themselves available and when I went for my check ups throughout the year after surgery, I was greeted with a smile and genuine concern for how my recovery was going. Wonderful experience, I highly recommend Dr Fulkerson! My knee feels stronger each day and am thankful for Dr. Fulkerson helping me to find a solution to this problem and setting me on a new path that is now full of freedoms and no limitations anymore.

Dr. Waskowitz performed knee surgery after a recent quadriceps rupture. He has an excellent bedside manner and explained the injury and surgical procedure in layman’s terms. The surgery was scheduled in an extremely timely manner and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Waskowitz and his very friendly staff!

Everything went exactly as I was told, excellent care and outcome. I have started referring everyone I know to Dr. Burns.