Our Fracture Team Provides the Most Direct Path to Recovery

If you suffer a fracture, it is important to get seen quickly, efficiently, and by the leading experts in fracture care. Many injured people waste valuable time in the ER, visiting general urgent care clinics, or at x-ray facilities.

Our nationally regarded fracture experts are fellowship trained surgeons with extensive experience in providing the most advanced care for fractures and bone trauma.

Comprehensive Care from Diagnosis through Recovery

  • Offices in 9 convenient locations
  • Same day visits during business hours for injuries
  • Walk-in urgent care on nights and weekends
  • Onsite x-rays, casting, and MRI imaging center
  • Surgery at the most state-of-the-art hospitals and outpatient facilities
  • Utilization of the most advanced surgical techniques and technology
  • Specialized training in complex fractures and non-healing fractures
  • Onsite physical therapy

Two easy options for care….

Meet Two of Our Leading Fracture Care Experts

We are particularly proud of our trauma team, led by two of Connecticut’s only private practice traumatologists – Dr. Stephen Davis and Dr. Michael Miranda. They are nationally recognized for their expertise, and treat fractures including the most problematic cases requiring advanced training and expertise. 

Dr. Michael Miranda

Dr. Miranda completed an orthopedic fellowship in Trauma in Pittsburgh, followed by additional fellowships in Switzerland and Germany. He has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon since 1994 and has operated on thousands of patients, typically for complex fractures and bone trauma.

Dr. Miranda has lectured over 200 times to surgeons worldwide on surgical technique. He has been the Director of Orthopedic Trauma for Hartford Hospital for almost two decades. He has been recognized as one of Connecticut’s Top Doctors annually for the past ten years. His clinical interests include managing complex fractures, nonunions, and malunions.

Dr. Stephen Davis

Dr. Davis completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma surgery at the Texas Trauma Institute of the University of Texas at Houston, the nation’s busiest trauma center. He joined Orthopedic Associates of Hartford in 2013.

His clinical interests include the treatment of fractures, multi­ply-injured patients, elderly trauma, pelvic fractures, and fracture nonunions and malunions. He is the Physician Director of the Fragility Fracture Program at the Bone and Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital, which aims to improve the care and outcomes of elderly patients with osteoporotic fractures.

The Unique Skillset of Our Fracture Specialists

A fellowship trained orthopedic trauma surgeon brings more experience, higher skill level, and more familiarity with the different ways to treat fractures. They typically treat more complex problems and, as a result, fairly straightforward injuries for an orthopedic traumatologist may be a challenge to a non-fellowship trained fracture surgeon.

As fellowship trained fracture surgeons, we have specific expertise in caring for and treating severe fractures, fractures involving joint surfaces, patients with multiple injuries, fractures that don’t heal well or are infected, and pelvic fractures.

Many orthopedic surgeons care for fractures. However, just as you’d want an expert knee replacement surgeon for your knee replacement, an expert in fracture care helps improve outcomes for a broken bone.

When You Have a Broken Bone, You Need a Top Fracture Specialist

While all orthopedic surgeons are trained to treat fractures, a physician with special expertise in fracture and bone trauma can understand the nuances and subtleties of complex fractures and this can make a distinct difference in the outcome of the care.

Five to ten percent of fractures in North America result in delayed healing, they do not heal, or they heal in a crooked position. This often leads to chronic pain, deformity, and loss of function of the extremity, and can create a significant loss of function or income, as well as other health challenges for patients.

Meet Our Fracture Team

At OAH, we have numerous fellowship-trained surgeons with extensive experience in fractures and bone trauma.

  • Our leading  experts specialize in different areas of the body and provide the highest quality care for any injury.
  • Our surgeons have trained at Level 1 Trauma Centers, which receive the most complicated of orthopedic injuries.

Regardless of whether your broken bone occurred from a minor fall or a severe accident, you can feel confident that you will receive the best care for your broken bone. 

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Here When You Need Us!

Same-Day Visits: When you have an injury that can’t wait, we provide same day care. If you need to be seen during business hours for a serious injury, call (860) 549-3210 or (860) 244-8888. We will try and arrange for you to be seen by a provider in one of our locations between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Walk-In Urgent Care: If you are injured on nights or weekends, please visit our Urgent Care Centers, located in Glastonbury and Farmington. An orthopedic practitioner will provide immediate care, including x-rays and casting, and will coordinate priority follow-up with a specialist for your injury. No appointment needed.

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Same Day Visits and Urgent Care: (860) 244-8888


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