Workplace Related Injuries

Patients who have been injured on the job are a priority for OAH. We understand the importance of a prompt and thorough evaluation so that individuals can get back to work and minimize the impact of lost wages.

  • We provide priority treatment for work place injuries and value the importance of rapid evaluation, diagnosis, and creation of a treatment plan for a successful recovery.
  • A dedicated Workers’ Compensation Coordinator organizes the required authorizations and paperwork, and also serves as a liaison between the patient, employer, payers, and medical providers. 
  • The OAH team minimizes the hassles for work related injuries by providing timely medical reports, rapid response to claim adjuster inquiries, and frequent updates on patient progress.
  • We provide prompt and specific return to work instructions so that patients can resume work with modified work restrictions when appropriate.

We are highly respected for our workers’ compensation related care. We are invited by the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission to help develop clinical protocols and standards.

What to Do if You Have a Workplace Injury

If you have a workplace related injury, call (860) 549-2310 and request an appointment as soon as possible.

Please make sure to have your:

  • Employer information
  • Workers’ compensation insurance carrier information including your claim number, date of injury, and adjuster information ready to provide to our representative
  • Once you are registered in our system, please allow time for our office to obtain authorization along with your medical records prior to being scheduled. If you already have records and/or an authorization, you can help expedite the process by faxing them to your provider